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The way of the menhir

I have touched the silent menhirs in Carnac, Brittany several years ago and I left with more questions than I came with.

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I needed to try my hand again, in Portugal, just outside the beautiful Evora, where the Almendres form one of the most interesting megalithic monuments on the Iberian Peninsula.

I rushed my pace to get to the stones, up the narrow, tormented path, until I thought I heard a whisper...

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...ever so soft, almost as if someone was getting ready to say something.

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There was no wind. But when I looked around, something fell into place, when my eyes began to delight in the details at the side of the road.

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So I spent about one hour on a 15 minutes walk and remember every second...

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That soft voice must have been a better self, trying to teach me... Where was I rushing to? The stones had been there for thousands of years, they were not going anywhere and their stories were outside themselves.

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They just drew the stories strongly towards them, with their mysterious apparent silence.

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But they are shouting for those who can hear: "on the way to the menhir, it is the road, not the destination."

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