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 About me

Columbia, nickname ‘Coco,’ is a small-town girl from the mountains of Transylvania, where, she recalls, “autumns were a splash of splendid color but winters were so cold and bare my memories of them are all in black and white.”
At a young age, she would steal her father’s brushes and oils but couldn’t advance much beyond painting her own face, hands and the back of the living-room sofa, so she turned to words instead, graduating in journalism and launching her own national newspaper in Bucharest, Romania, while still in her -mid-20s.
After 15 years in the media management field, Columbia moved to a rural, rustic region in the remote north of Ireland. Since then, she has been torturing family, friends and her dogs, Siog (Gaelige for ‘fairy’) and Lugh (the Celtic Sun God), under the pretext of practicing her photography skills.

With this area replete with lakes, islands, rivers and mountains and lying as it does on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it is no surprise that Columbia has a particular love of capturing diverse landscapes and seascapes. And because when she wants to relax she cooks, she has become rather difficult company for a dinner out because when she does not analyses the dishes, she photographs them.

Her travel, food and journalism photographs have been published in, and

Since winning the third place in Street Fashion Photography section during the international festival “Vama under Oscar Lights” in the summer of 2014, she has now expanded her area of people whom she stops on the street for photographing them.

Columbia is a basic member of World Photography Organization, Saatchi Gallery and Fine Art America.

Travel photographs are available from countries such as: Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, India, Italy, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom and United States. 

Columbia runs her own company of website design and content management, Center for the Imagination.


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