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Between Waves of Scents and Sauces

Water above and around in a futuristic style, with ceiling made of canvas looking like waves, upscaled boat planks of wood or rowing sticks holding this imaginary waves back.

Floors made of small upscaled drift wood and chandeliers looking like beech rocks illuminated from the inside, gravitating in the air above us.

...this lightness, floating feel, continues in the food, as if the chef does not want to insult your tastes with bulk, but tease them, with diversity.

Serving plates of ceramic, or painted glass in gray-blue or dirty-white shades, irregular shapes, as if found on the beach, pretending they have a history, but in truth they are creating their stories together with us, as they hold each dish for our pleasure.

... There is a fluidity to what we see and taste, a fluidity of the dishes as they emerge one after the other in organic movements. And only at the end we understand that the prawn bisque gele in our starter was a precursor of our lobster soufflé which related well with our desert of ice cream topped with bee pollen.

.... our perception gates are down as this is not a meal for eating, but for satisfying senses.

Chef Vardon’s statement, “My priority is a perfect balance between nature and mankind,” makes a lot of sense after a tasting menu at Le 39V.


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