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Forty four years today...

Forty four years today I came into this world. A Drop of water from outer space, taking the shape I have now.

The only intention I am aware of – that this drop had when it landed here – is my shape: I seem to have all the parts in moderate proportions.

travel photography barcelona, columbia hillen

But why am I here? I am sure the universe would not waste material for nothing… am I ‘being’ enough for Life?

travel photography columbia hillen

I know I was born old as I don’t seem to grow older… just stuck somewhere between a waterfall of questions…

travel photography columbia hillen

I believe we always have a choice of paths and that in choosing one over the other, we define ourselves.

abstract photography columbia hillen

But I also believe in rebirth, that in every moment we can reinvent ourselves again and again and again… That’s all Time is, a chance to reinvent ourselves…

travel photography columbia hillen

I wonder how far or how close am I to the intentions of the Drop that landed in this body, forty four years ago... And when it rains, would I recognize myself among the others…


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