• Columbia Hillen

Exercises in defining Sicily

There is an old saying that a life well lived is when you succeed in defining who you are, every day, in every action or thought. And because that requires a lot of introspection, we begin to define our surroundings – always easier to look outwards…

But by doing that, we inevitably reduce it to one dimension - the point of view we have, the preconceptions that shape our understanding and the ability we have, given our level of experience and knowledge.

With these ponderings in mind, I hereby proceed along the erroneous road and attempt to define Sicily in photographs. Or more precisely, define Sicily through me as window.

Display of diversity

Sense of humor - Museo delle Marionette

Getting close to Etna - the different layers of getting to know the mighty giant

Gorgeous gorges of Alcantara

Colorful history

Pagan beauty - inside Ortigia's cathedral, a great example of pagan symbols assimilated by Christianity

Secret alleys - Scicli, a most charming small mountain town

Imposing sites - Agrigiento, southern Sicily

Sense of time passing, passeggiata in Ortigia

Colorful in every way

Scents and blossoms

Undeniable ability to take your breath away


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